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Overtone Audio provides editing and mastering services for classical music recording projects ranging from single demo tracks to full-length multi-CD commercial releases. We have completed projects for musicians and ensembles of all types: from solo pianists and early music ensembles to full symphony orchestras. Our work has been released on various labels, including Naxos, Albany Records, MSR Classics, Metier Records, Gothic Records, and Zimbel Records.

We believe that a simple pricing scheme is the most fair and effective way to approach the detailed work of audio editing and mastering. Before beginning, we will discuss with you the size and complexity of your project and your personal musical vision. We then provide you with an estimate for the audio work we recommend. Most of our projects are priced at the rate of $100 (USD) per hour. Discounts are available for full-time students and non-profit organizations.


We take your raw footage from rehearsals, concerts, or recording sessions and assemble the best rendition of each work. Any thoughts or guidance you provide are taken into account. At the end of the editing stage, you have the most satisfying "performance" possible, given the material available.


This is the final, yet crucial, step in created a professional-sounding audio experience. We take the edited audio and enhance its sound, making every aspect of it as good as possible. You wouldn't believe the difference mastering can make, even when the raw audio material is less than stellar. We believe that you will want to enjoy your recording for years to come, and even if the quality of your recording seems okay to you now, we believe we can improve it immensely—without an "over-processed" sound that some studios favor. Our editors, Carson Cooman and Jeffrey Grossman, hold advanced degrees in music from Harvard College and Carnegie Mellon University.